26 04 2011

It took me about 1 hour before I can actually talk properly. I cannot bring myself to talk to my wife or even anyone remotely close to me (except the nurses). Thus, with pure hardness and shaken fingers I smsed the exact words to my mom in front of the Emergency Room.

” Mak, Zul tengah sedih sangat. X boleh nak cakap. Zul kat Hospital Johor Specialist. Nnt mak bagitahu Ain Zul kene masuk ward. Minta dia bawakan apa apa yang patut malam ni.”

It was the harddest SMS that I’ve compossed in my life and my mom simply replied with “OK, take care”. I was afraid she would panic, but she did’nt.

I figure now, either she’s a very cool mother or rather she did’nt expect the gloomy situation that triggered the SMS. 🙂

My blood counts were really messed up. Below were the numbers that was recored for that day. 

Red Blood Cells


(normal range 12-14)



(normal range 150 – 400)

White Cells


(normal range 4 – 5.3) 

That night 3 bags of blood were transfused unto me.





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