Prior The A day – The denial and disregarding demeanor

25 04 2011

The coughing started at the excitements of 2011 Chinese New Year. As an Solution integrator and IT department at the place I work, other salespeople also tried sucking us by giving us truckloads of mandarin oranges. And I’m a sucker for fruits. Oh yes, I ate the oranges like I ate sweets like i ate chocolates like i ate almost everything wonderfully heavenly this kind world provides. The coughing come and go with off the shelf medication I bought at pharmacy.

Few weeks later, I started to cough back. I thought it should not be an alarm as it might be a re-accurance. But this time its different. There’s no phlegm, there’s no inflammation, just plain coughing and breathlessness. I coughed so hard and had to held my back every time I want to cough, it has even caught my back abdomen. I spent 3 weeks coughing, ferried between panel clinics, pharmacy, 7-11, sundry shops and Jamu shops (special blend honey) for off the shelf cough syrup. A day come when I started feel my lymph under my ears started to grow, swell actually. I read on the net that the lymph is the mechanism that works to fight of body evil or bacteria, lets fondly call it bovil. 

The jobs of your lymph nodes is to act as a filter for the various areas of your body wherein they are located. Herein they form a type of “honeycomb,” which is made up of reticular connective tissue that is filled with lymphocytes. The lymphocytes are actually what collect and destroy the bacteria and viruses that are found in the area of the body they are located. So, whenever your body is trying to fight off an infection, your lymphocytes will rapidly multiply. This is why doctors will occasionally check to see of your lymph nodes are swollen whenever you go to see them when you are sick.

My immunity reserve is getting lower, so the lymph is doing all they can with what they have. So when it started to swell, means its working OVERTIME.

I started to shave all my manly facial growth, and yes.. even my the lymph under my neck has grown. Thus, I made my own conclusion that the coughing is actually caused by my growing lymph that blocked my airway, making me cough and breathless. Consequent discussion with the doctors, and taking in some Dexa (a cancer medication) the swelling stops and I stop coughing and breathing becomes normal. There are actually between 500 and 600 lymph nodes that are distributed throughout the human body. Some of these lymph nodes are found in clusters in the underarms, groin, neck, chest and abdomen. Being slight obese (but charming) physically, I won’t be able to see any noticable swelling on other parts of my body (it’s covered in premium fat) except thru clinical procedures.

There is also this enormous feeling of tiredness and constant night sweats. I am falling asleep everywhere and my passion for life was thinning. I no longer participate actively in communications & physical activities, I sleep easily during lunch break and sleeps as much as possible on any other time I can find. Falling asleep in the middle of writing a business proposal, warming up the engine in the morning and during traffic light stops when I can’t find the time. I thought it must be because of the works and immense load that I have to travel JB-KL every weeks for the past 4 months. And I keep telling myself, it’s the coughing syrup that’s making me deary and sleepy all the time.

I’m getting paler by the days. My mom actually the 1st to  notice this as I meet her a few times a week. There are gaps in the days so noticed compared to people who see’s me everyday. I keep telling her it’s nothing, just plain tiredness and blame it on the lighting. I still think I’m healthy. It was about 5 days from the day of the picture below when I was refered to Johor Specialist Hospital by my panel clinic as I complained of my paleness and enlarged neck lymph nodes. (How I wish somethings else were enlarged too).




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25 04 2011

May the skill of the doctors, the advancements in medicine, and your own personal strength all work together as an unbeatable team to get you well again. Happy healing bro…


25 04 2011

Thanks bro

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