Plans and SOP

24 04 2011

Everybody has plans. Either its a next day, next week, next year plans; or maybe after reading this, you’ll already know what to do. The problem with planning is; fundamentally as it is, it is based on what you want to do. We don’t plan what we don’t what to do.

Organisations has these things called SOP. Standard operating procedures. It’s a nifty little concept. The management or a dedicated unit identifies what the organization want and plans to do. And documents it. But the best part is, they also plan what if the things they don’t want to do, happens. If a machine broke down, who to call. If it came out red instead of blue, whats the rectification process. If plan A fails, fallback to plan B.

And it hit me last month. I don’t have my personal SOP. Well I planned my life, and i believe it is going very well. Until i went to a doctor for a coughing sickness that bugged me for 3 weeks and presented with a prognosis of cancer.

You see, I’m a happy going man. Finished my SPM at a full boarding school in the top quarter, over stayed my university terms but completed my pure physics degree and got my dream job as a salesman at a top local IT company. 6 years later, im a 30-year-old man with a better job, a house overlooking a lake, a 100k car, a wife with 2 beautiful daughters, a bibik and lots of debt. And i am content and happy.

This blog shall be like a journal to store my ideas, ramblings, thoughts, and my experience during fighting cancer. It may sound very relaxing at first, but let us see how my mode of writing goes as my treatment undergoes. I plan to make an ebook out of my notes here, and if I would put it as a blog, it would be a work in progress, until I believe I’m cured. And if I dont, you still get to see whats up to it, like the MJ This IS IT video then. 🙂





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25 04 2011

well said. I know it’s gonna be one of the best blog ever. Keep them coming..on positives notes as much as u can k..selamat memblogging.

25 04 2011

Thanks Kak Ros, I never see myslef as a good writer or even presenter, but as Pek Sin has awarded me the best presenter during GLC Team Building last 2 years, I think expressing from the heart is the best approach to communicating.

25 04 2011
Mohd Puzi

Fantastic a very good and noble idea. I am sure we can learn a lot from each other experiences. Congratulation you have made a good opening and now I am looking forward to hear the rest of it. Thanks for sharing and may Allah bless you always.

26 04 2011
your MJ

Zul, it is a great start… and I admire what you are putting together in these pages… it must be really difficult to put them in words. It brought crystally tears to my eyes, I know it comes from the heart, it doesn;t matter if it’s not correctly worded or is not gramatically perfect… (cos we are all not)

As hard as it is for you to go through this life challenges, we know you are being the strong person that you are…

Keep the blog coming…

your MJ
you know who…

26 04 2011

Salam Chu,

I hope to capture and share what’s on my mind first. Should later it will becomes an e-book or published, I already have a proofreader and publisher in the radar.

1 05 2011
your MJ

Waalaikum Salam Zul,

Alhamdulillah.. Keep up the good work and the spirits high!
Great things will come your way… insya allah, your mission will be accomplished.. (proofreader? no problem, insya allah… and many more friends are ready to assists I’m sure ;-))

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